Lessons of Life

Life is not all about winning
Life is so much more
We loose to be able to correct our mistakes
We strive to be better and improve upon our setbacks
What can we do?
We become sarcastic, all in the name of being fantastic
We trample upon our intelligence, all in the name of over-confidence
We need to be enthusiastic but it also comes with a cost
Being optimistic rather than persimistic
Soaring to the highest of heights
Boaring through every tunnel to feel the weight
They say there is light at the end of the tunnel
But we say, the light we see through a funnel
No need to be sad
Because life is “mad”
Cozy sometimes yet mazy other times
We strive to be bright
Using all we have to fight
Making every step count
Letting everyone know about the good days
No more worrying about the hays
No more worrying about the rains
Because we are the brains
Life has it’s own troubles
But we turn them into fables
We pair each piece to be an illusion
Making them glow like a fusion
We become sarcastic most often rather than being acoustic
Life is like an irony, using our senses to judge the agony
No more of the fallacy rather concerntrate on the mercy
In due time, where there is scarcity you will see a necessity to withstand the pains of today so as to reap abundantly
Motivate each other
Encourage one another for tomorrow we do not know where we will find ourselves
Either in the pit or making it a hit
Life is like an oxymoron but, be careful not to make a moron out of yourself.



The dawn off a new day

Has he not cleansed you

Has he not loved you

Has he not sacrificed his desires for thy sake?

Rejoice ye chosen one

Blessed are you

Today ye are a new creation

Sins, has he forgiven

Guilt’s, has he wiped away

What then do you ought to do

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice

Ye sons and daughters of zion

For today ye are made whole again

Your old ways seek ye not

But fill thee with his love

For ye are clean today and forever more

He has risen hence ye should rise with him

For in him ye have life.


Am In a mess
Feeling dirty and ashamed
Don’t know what to do
Help me find my way
Find myself at a dead end
Don’t know where to go
Who do I turn to
Help me out of this nightmare
Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea
Trapped beyond freedom
How do I set myself free
Free from this guilt
Free from this conscience
Killing me from within
Held in a hole
Darkness all around
Show me the light
Help me free myself
From this guilt
From this burden
From this darkness surrounding me
Where do I go
Who do i turn to
Who will lend me a listening ear
Who will show me mercy
Who will save me
Am drowning
Deep in the ocean
Save me, Save me, Save me
My soul is dirty
My body is dirty
My heart is stained
How do I clean them
Who will help me
Am disturbed, confused, out of options
Help me, Help me, Help me
Who do I turn to
Who will lend me a listening ear
Who will show me mercy
Who will save me
For I am troubled
My guilt is eating me up from within
Save me, Help me, Save me
Don’t abandoned me
Don’t neglect me
Don’t forsake me
Don’t leave me
Help me please, Save me please.
Peace is far from my heart
Sound mind is far from me
Deliver me, Deliver me, Deliver me
Save me, Save me, Save me
For I am troubled, confused, have no one else
Please, Please, Please

In The Eyes of My Father

In the eyes of my father
I see great pain and sorrow
In the eyes of my father
I feel his anxiety

The thought of going through so much; just to make our life’s comfortable
The pain i go through when he lays his hand on me
The anger and devastation i go through

In the eyes of my father
I see immense joy and happiness
The joy to see us all grown up
The pride a father takes in all his suffering

In the eyes of my father
I see tears of joy and of sadness
Joy to see me a big girl
Sadness to see me depart from him


some say its normal

some say its part of life

i say it destroys you; preys on you like a lion preys on an antelope

sinks your soul like the sea sinks titanic

addiction! addiction! addiction!

will you like to get addicted to a bad habit?

your guilt’s, can you bear?

your shame , can you control?

your regrets, can you stop them?

it kills your soul, sinks your mind, floods your body

destroys your spirit not to mention the heart.

you are precious, you deserve better than that

say no to addiction, it decreases your self-esteem

creates a void in you

tarnishes your image and destroys you completely

save yourself from the claws of addiction

do not become its prey, stand firm and fight it.

The Way

I have gone astray

Help me find a way

Help me come back to life

For I want to dwell with him

I have done many questionable acts

Help me find a solution to these facts

I am lost on the road

With so much load

My burdens are too much to carry

Help meĀ  not to tarry

Find a way for my freedom

For i am a prisoner in my own wisdom

How can I ever be saved?

Saved from all these dilemma

What will my family think and say about me?

Their child is in a mess

What happened, they do not know

How it happened, is still a mystery

Never has she been in so much misery

Help me find the light

The light of saints

Where you never faint

Where you always smile and have peace

Where there is abundance of grace.