Lessons of Life

Life is not all about winning
Life is so much more
We loose to be able to correct our mistakes
We strive to be better and improve upon our setbacks
What can we do?
We become sarcastic, all in the name of being fantastic
We trample upon our intelligence, all in the name of over-confidence
We need to be enthusiastic but it also comes with a cost
Being optimistic rather than persimistic
Soaring to the highest of heights
Boaring through every tunnel to feel the weight
They say there is light at the end of the tunnel
But we say, the light we see through a funnel
No need to be sad
Because life is “mad”
Cozy sometimes yet mazy other times
We strive to be bright
Using all we have to fight
Making every step count
Letting everyone know about the good days
No more worrying about the hays
No more worrying about the rains
Because we are the brains
Life has it’s own troubles
But we turn them into fables
We pair each piece to be an illusion
Making them glow like a fusion
We become sarcastic most often rather than being acoustic
Life is like an irony, using our senses to judge the agony
No more of the fallacy rather concerntrate on the mercy
In due time, where there is scarcity you will see a necessity to withstand the pains of today so as to reap abundantly
Motivate each other
Encourage one another for tomorrow we do not know where we will find ourselves
Either in the pit or making it a hit
Life is like an oxymoron but, be careful not to make a moron out of yourself.


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